Well, here it is.

February 17, 2019

On Friday, I apparently was vandalized by the “Me to” movement. Now there is a story behind it, so I will begin. Four Airmen (one was female) came in and sat at the bar. The first two male Airmen placed their order, the female Airman was next…….but was to busy fucking with her phone to pay enough attention to order. I cracked a joke in order to get her attention, “Why is it that women have so fantastic digital dexterity yet can’t give a decent handjob?” This not only woke her up, but made her butt-hurt as she and her “boyfriend” stormed out the door. I asked the remaining two Airmen if that joke was over the top, not only did they say no, they thought it was some funny shit! I just wrote it off as not everyone has a sense of humor anymore, and just thought it was over with. The remaining Airmen ate their food, thanked me and tipped. Now it gets weird. At approximately 1:30 the male Airman (boyfriend), along with Ms. Butthurt and a new female Airmen (his muscle I guess. He was QUITE small) came in and started to berate me into an apology,  that I did not give. Then they said “You don’t know what she’s been through!” I responded with “One, I don’t fucking care, and she didn’t present a resume so that I would KNOW HER BACKGROUND.” Since I wouldn’t apologize, they couldn’t intimidate me and I never raised my voice, they went to the backup plan of vandalism! One of the female Airmen (IN UNIFORM, MIND YOU!!! I have never seen this amount of pure, irrational, hysteria in person before, much less by a uniformed member of the military) started to grab ketchup bottles and proceeded to spray down the bar and two tables! Then she kicked over a water bucket that was catching a roof leak before storming out! Customers present were as discombobulated as I was. This woman is a disgrace to her uniform, her sex, and rational thought. I was so taken aback, I did not even catch her name off of her uniform, but millennials talk and the story will spread. I am in process of filing a formal complaint with the Commander of McConnel (who eats here) and I am sure there will be some serious repercussions in her future. I respect all of our Military members………EXCEPT FOR THIS CUNT! Vandalising a restaurant in uniform violates the military code of conduct and is embarrassing to everyone who has and currently serves.

I am the Burgernazi and I approve this messege/story.

P.S. Fucking grow up. Can’t trust you in combat if a joke, that you heard second hand, turns you into an irrational shitbag.  How you made it through basic is mindblowing.

P.P.S. Your backup plan, you stupid bitch, didn’t work. Received my “surprise” health inspection (that I expected since you mindless fucks ALWAYS go to that when you can’t intimidate me), not ONLY did I pass but the inspector thought the story was ridiculous and funny!   Not my first rodeo you fucking amature. Enjoy the military punishment I have originated, after all, YOU EARNED IT!

P.P.P.S. You random cum bucket, I waited long enough for you stupid millennial ass to out your self, which has happened. Enjoy what happens next. You are a fucking disgrace to those here who have served before you,Andrea. Sleep well. As some of us talk a good game, and others hold people accountable……little MS. California. Yeah dumbass, your not in So. Cal. any more. Welcome to accountability. BN


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