April 23, 2018

Hello Minions, on Saturday I was getting my ass kicked ,business wise, and a rather portly dude comes in to place an order: 3 BCH and a DBLBCH. When I asked him what he wanted on them, he demanded everything on the side since he either didn’t have the intellectual capital or the fucking common sense to know what he needed and was trying to put his lack of effort or planning on me. I TOLD HIM NO. I posed the following question, “If you call Pizza Hut and ask for everything on the side, would they do it?” This presentation of basic logic pissed this little snowflake smooth the fuck off and he waddled out the door stating “Your a jerk and I’m going to let everyone on the internet know about this!” This stupid fuck’s little outburst cracked the 12 customers who witnessed his childlike temper tantrum smooth the fuck up. But, he was a child of his word, I just received a one star review from him, all because I WOULD NOT, WILL NOT AND NEVER WILL put up with some whining cunt’s unreasonable demand! Boy and it has so effected business; still have a 4.7 rating and had my busiest day of the week. Now let’s speculate on what other things piss this snowflake off: Mommy not cutting the crust off of his PB&J? Changing his cat’s litter box? Liquor store out of Zima? A recall on his Prius? Internet being slow while playing World of Warcraft? Warm Mountain Dew?
Well listen “keyboard commando”, you do not have the ability to bother the highest rated restaurant in the Wichita area by getting on your I Phone and whining like a little bitch because you got called out for being stupid. Go polish a participation trophy while I go on winning more awards. I don’t give a fuck if I hurt your feelings by being the FIRST person to tell you NO.
P.S. I will not respond to your review directly, as the eagle does not hunt flies but going by their track record the Minions will. Don’t worry though, there’s only 5200 of them.


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