Facts of life. A list of the Burgernazi's pet peeves.

February 10, 2014

Snow sucks balls. I’m not a kid praying for a snow day to get out of the government school that doesn’t teach them shit anyway, I’m the parent trying to feed my family and snow fucking sucks. If a half inch is on the ground people barricade themselves in their home like it is the coming of the zombie apocalypse. Fuck snow….
Fuck reality shows. If you watch them, cut your cock off and feed it to a stray dog, if your Wife watches them please get a divorce or interest her into visiting a hog farm…..could or could not be voluntary. That crap is part of the dumbing down of society. Need proof? Look at the state of our government or the popularity of NASCAR! Nuf said.
I know that I sell burgers for a living but for the fucking love of God, what the fuck is a “booger”? As in “I need to order three boogers…..dooooh.” For the record, I sell hamburgers and cheeseburgers not “boogers”. To my knowledge a “booger” is a congealed hunk of nasal mucus that contains dirt, hair, microbes and the like. I DO NOT COOK THOSE!!!
If I explain to you that all of the condiments here are: ketchup, mustard, onion, pickle with mayonnaise on request and you inquire about lettuce and tomato, I should have the permission to shoot you in the face. You fucks are lucky I’m not in charge of this Country.
Last but not least, It’s called Bomber Burger. Not Bionic Burger, not Boomer Burger, not Bomber Booger, not Bomber Burgers. And I do not FUCKING SELL BOMBER BURGERS, IT’S THE NAME OF THE BUSINESS! Do you go to Taco Bell and order a Taco Bell? Do you go to Pizza Hut and order a Pizza Hut? Fucking rub two brain cells together and think. It may hurt at first but you will be better off.
This is the Burgernazi and I approve this message.


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